The new service of BalBok


We are introducing our newest service - identifying hazardous waste on site, before accepting for subsequent treatment and transportation.

Proper identification of the waste ensures: • reuse • recycling • another type of recovery • disposal of hazardous components and guarantees the safety of all treatment operations based on their well-established hazardous properties.

BalBok Engineering's mobile laboratory is professionally equipped for on-site sampling and analysis. The equipment used to detect unknown and dangerous substances is intended for the rapid analysis of solid and liquid materials such as industrial toxic chemicals, white powders, explosives and more. The laboratory has built-in libraries that include spectrograms of the most common chemical compounds of the required groups.

The mobile chemical laboratory is part of the Eco-innovative system of the company for management of waste with unknown composition and origin in Bulgaria.


The photos taken are from Varna this week.

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